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TrustWater® Diamond Pitcher


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TrustWater® Diamond Pitcher


Includes 19% MwSt.

  • Vitality and variety of flavors on the table
  • Engraving with applied natural diamond crystals
  • Revitalizing in a natural way


A very special handcrafted pitcher for all your favorite drinks. With the energy of pure natural diamond for new vitality and variety of flavors on the table. The classic straight pitcher has a gemstone fairy engraving that is finished with fine-grained and and gold-toned natural diamond crystals attached. Our diamond jugs are made by hand in the old tradition of craftsmanship – just as glass has been worked for 2000 years. Slight unevenness and small air pockets are unmistakable signs of this time-honored manufacturing method.

  • Volume 1200 ml
  • Approx. 23 cm high

The energy of the natural diamond and TrustWater® energization make this pitcher so unique – balance and harmony are its essence. Water and other beverages from diamond glasses and jugs are naturally revitalized and regain their natural order through the natural diamond.