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Installation instructions

Technical instructions and important tips to ensure that the installation of your Trust Water® filter runs smoothly.




For safe and hygienic operation of the filter, the filter cartridge must be replaced at least every 6 months*. As a timely reminder and procurement, we offer replacement filter cartridges by subscription. Within 6 months and up to a volume of 3,800 liters ( approx. 21 liters/day) the filtration performance stays stable! If the filter cartridge becomes clogged with suspended matter / particles within the 6 months, only the pressure of the extracted / filtered water is reduced, not its quality.

Steps for your Filter cartridges change

Unscrew the filter housing above the sink – unscrew the old filter cartridge and dispose of it in the household waste – screw in the new filter cartridge – screw the filter housing shut – let the water run and check for leaks – DONE! Each replacement filter cartridge comes with detailed replacement instructions.




The water filter is mounted directly on the tap of the selected tapping point (kitchen, bathroom, …). For mounting, there are two connectors of different lengths and adapters for different types of faucets.


Unscrew the aerator (aerator / aerator regulator) with the housing on the water tap – screw in the new connecting piece – screw on the switch valve of the water filter – let the water run and check for leaks – DONE!




In the “Cold” tap position, use the switch lever to select – unfiltered water directly from the tap or filtered water (drinking water, tea or coffee water, cooking water) from the filter. Always run water for approx. 2 seconds in advance before drawing off drinking water.


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