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TrustWater® – Diamond Glass


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TrustWater® – Diamond Glass


Includes 19% MwSt.

  • Proportionally with 24 carat gold and pure silver leaf
  • Volume 440 ml
  • Approx. 10.5 cm high

A very special handcrafted glass for all your favorite drinks. With the energy of pure natural diamond for new vitality and variety of aromas in the glass.
The glass has a gold and silver colored bottom filling, in which 1 carat natural diamond of fine grain is processed.

In alchemical teachings, gold represents the life forces of the male primal principle, the sun, and silver conveys the life forces of the female primal principle, the moon. The combination of both materials with the diamond as a companion makes this glass so unique – balance and harmony are its essence.

Water and other beverages from diamond glasses and jugs are naturally revitalized and regain their natural order through the natural diamond. The use of diamond glasses and jars in the mixing of your own gemstone water provides not only an incomparable energy, but also practical advantages: The energetically active materials have no direct contact with the water. No contamination, no release of unwanted substances, stone particles or germs, easy cleaning due to smooth surfaces; no scratching or accidental swallowing.